Everything About Intellectual Property Rights in The UAE

by yungo

The United Arab Emirates, a federation of the seven core Emirates, Umm Al Quwain, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah, follow a unified international policy. Each emirate, however, handles their own governance by following specific federal rules set-up by them. In recent years, because of the various advantages provided by the country, the UAE has become the hub for entrepreneurs, investors, and business people. 

The free zones in the UAE and the well-formulated legal system of the country act as additional attractions. The federal laws in place, applying throughout the country and passed by the constitutional of UAE, protect the Intellectual Property rights in the country. 

Define an Intellectual Property in the UAE

Intellectual Property is a categorical description of the set of intangible items legally protected and owned by the company from outside use without consent. These can be anything from literary or artistic works, symbols, names, or images. If you speak to a professional for intellectual property law advice, you would get to know about its classifications:

  1. Copyright: This comprises of the literary works, films, architectural designs, or even artistic works such as sculptures, paintings, and the likes. Recordings of those who are in performing arts and posting them without their consent also fall under this category.
  2. Industrial Property: This includes trademarks, patents for inventions, geographical indications, and even industrial designs.

What are the types of Intellectual Property?

Given the two broad categories mentioned above, there are four types of Intellectual Property. Some of them are:


The exclusive license granted for any set of procedures that are result of an innovative idea, or any new invention, is known as a patent. The invention being talked about might be a device, product, application, or process of an entirely new method. There are utility certificates for the inventions and designs capable of industrial application but not interesting enough to obtain a patent. Talking about the Intellectual Property laws, scientific theories, mathematical methods, principles, treatment of animals or human beings, and business methods cannot be patented.


The most common form of intellectual property, copyright is given to the creators to showcase their rights on an artistic or literary work.


The primary use of a trademark is to protect brands and the product’s name. Traditionally, it is given to the words used to refer to the service provided by a particular brand. In case the trademark or brand is solely made up of words, it is also known as a wordmark. Logos and slogans also fall under the trademark section.

Industrial Design Right

The aesthetic aspect of a tool or article is known as industrial design. It might consist of 3D features in the form of the shape, or 2D ones in lines, patterns, or colours. With the Industrial Design Rights, you may save your design from infringement or any other types of unauthorized imitation.

Benefits You Derive From Intellectual Property Rights in the UAE

The Intellectual Property Rights in the UAE have a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

  1. Legal authorization of the licenses
  2. Protection of the innovative inventions
  3. Protection of copyrights and patents against infringements
  4. The premium selling point of your products
  5. Security in creation and research

The government of the United Arab Emirates has come up with various initiatives to protect the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). The law firms in the UAE authorized in IPR would be able to give you the most useful advice. With the sudden growth in business in the UAE, registering one for IPR rights is crucial; in case you do not want the unauthorized usage of what is legally yours. 

Conclusion: The Intellectual Property laws in the UAE are the Federal Law of Patents, Designs, and Industrial Models (law 17 of 2002, PDL), and the Federal Law of Copyrights (law 7 of 2002, CRL), among others. Yungo is one of the most sought-after legal consultants in UAE with a specialization in around ten sections of law. Should you want to know more about Intellectual Property Law and its advantages, schedule an appointment with the expert lawyers of Yungo.